Manufacturer & Exporter of Rollers


With the grace of Almighty Allah IRI occupies a unique position in the rubber roller industry in Pakistan. Now it has been proved that Pakistan can compete rollers made world-wide.


We have our total control on all processes from rubber compounding to finish product. All facilities under one-roof no out sourcing, no dependencies.


IRI is the world known company and recognized as best solution provider for rubberisation need of all sorts of industries specially textile industry remarkably in highly extreme & very severe environments as in Dyeing, Bleaching, Mercerizing, Sengeing etc.

If you need the best & trouble free solution for any rubberisation need at any sort of industry and at any environment, you will find IRI is the only choice.

It is remarkable to see the developments that have taken place in the technical sector. Not the least due to our versatile initial production, manufacturing and development facilities. At present, we are able to fulfill virtually all requirements regarding hardness sensitivity, shape and compound. According to your specifications, we supply rubberized rollers. Our technical roller programme is so complete, that it will meet all your requirements. The cover qualities from IRI permit many variants, so that you can produce your product economically at all times, and can market it everywhere. Grinding, coating, squeezing, moistening, lacquering, lamination, pattern print, our rubberisation meets the requirements.

Specializes in the close tolerance, functionally critical rubber rollers that other fabricators find difficult to produce.

IRI has well developed facilities for fabrication of different design of rollers in different metals as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium etc. with warranty.

We are capable to provide complete rollers with metal fabrication and rubberisation/ebonite coating.

We have specialty to fabricate deflection control rollers for dyeing, yarn sizing, heavy squeezing with perfect nip.



We begin our fifth decade of operation as a leading manufacturer of the highest quality elastomeric, hard coat and specialty rollers and coatings used in the graphic arts, metals, converting, pulp & paper, textile, steel, business machines and other important industrial markets.

Our Curing department equipped with three (3) steam pressure autoclaves and two (2) Hot Air autoclave for best curing of different types of compounds. Our autoclaves having capacity to cure roller upto 610 mm diameter and 5080mm in length.

Send us your old, worn part! If you are unsure of the covering we can test and identify it for you. Whether it is Silicone, Urethane, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Natural Rubber etc. etc. We have over 40 years of experience matching the best rubber compounds to the harshest environments in the industry today.

Journals / cores are inspected and if needed repaired with your approval. We then recoat your cores with high quality coverings applied and finished based on your requirements - all within your timeline.

 Our capabilities  Key Attributes
 Hardness range : 25 shore `A' to 98 shore `A' and  Ebonite
 Base Polymer as per End Application
 Size: Dia Max. 24 inch (610 mm) (can cure more)
 Excellent Dimensional Accuracy
 Length: Max. 200 inch (5080 mm)
 Excellent Chemical Resistance
 Color - Any color  Excellent Abrasion & Ozone  Resistance
 Eight Curing Units.  Excellent Heat Resistance
  IRI lays a lot of emphasis on Quality. Rollers are checked thoroughly during and after they are processed. It is ensured that the Rollers are zero defects right from the first stage to the last stage in their manufacturing. Technically sound and experienced engineers carry out the final inspection.

Especially Our rubberized roller gives very efficient services, proper squeezing, improve the quality of squeezing, finishing and dyeing, that is, its resilient and even surface makes your process very efficient which improve the quality of the fabrics/yarn.

Its not only give the brilliant result of fabrics/yarn processing but also have a very long life which decreases your maintenance expenses, labor-hours wastage, replacement of roller expenses (khalasis/riggers), frequent re-rubberizing expenses, production delay, quality loss, etc that is a great cost saving.