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International Rubber Enterprises

IRE was established in 1963, situated at the heart of Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan. After extensive research and development, it has blossomed into a memorable entity in rubber goods and re rubberized rollers.


Globally Recognized as the Best Rubberization Solutions Provider!


Customer Satisfaction has always been IRI's first priority!

Our Areas of Expertise

IRE has been dominating the respective industry since 1963 with Advanced Knowledge in its line of work and Developing an Understanding with its clientele.

Bow-Spreaded Rollers
Swim-Roll Refurbishment

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A budget-friendly solution to your Rubber Needs!


The drive to go above and beyond to achieve Excellence!


IRI has been a Mark of Reliability since over 6 decades!

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"IRE has been a big boost in the textile industry because servicing of rollers such as Bow Expanders, Steel Rollers and Ebonite Rollers used to be really expensive but since IRE has taken over the market, they have solved this problem and of course a remarkable amount of remittance in foreign exchange was also saved. IRE is the only company for which i can guarantee; anybody can take a chance and they won't be disappointed."
Gul-Ahmed Textile Mills
Nishat Ahmed Malik (GM maintenance)
"We have been using IRE rollers in our every process. We are to continue using their products because of the superb quality and finishing and we sincerely hope to continue business with them."
Brandix Textiles Srilanka
Sajeewa Weragoda (maintenance engineer)
"We have been getting our rollers rubberized from IRE for a significant period of time now and we are very satisfied with the quality. They have not only upgraded their quality, they have upgraded their factory and environment which has definitely exceeded our expectations."
Star Paper Mills
Laiq Ali (director)
It has been many years since we've been using IRE's services and found their quality of supreme standard which is mainly due to their investment in Research and Development. We wish them best of luck with their future aspirations.
Saima Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
S.Fahad bin Ali (Deputy Manager Gravure and QMS)
"We have been using IRE rollers in Denim Processing and I can confirm that IRE products are the best in performance and quality."
Artistic Milliners
Khaleeq-ud-din (GM)
"IRE has a good name for Rubber Products specially in Pakistan. We are very much satisfied with the quality and the services specially their backup services."
Liberty Textile Mills
Shabbir Danawala (GM)